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Decentralized Service Network

The service network is compatible with any decentralized identities backed by Ethereum account. With the network, users can subscribe to off-chain services in a decentralized manner and the settings will be respected by all applications.
Service providers in Hexlink Service Provider Network have to stake a sufficient amount of HEXLINK Token to be identified as a valid service node, which will be slashed for bad actions. On the user side, users need to deposit service fees to the dedicated service node to pay for future service fees. Upon finishing the service, the service providers would send the payout request to the Hexlink smart contract with proof of completion. The service fee paid to the service providers will be protected by Hexlink Trust-less Service Fee Payment.

Trust-less Service Fee Payment

The service fee would be deposited into Hexlink smart contract first, so that users don't need to worry about been rugged or served with bad services from service providers.
  1. 1.
    Users pre-pay by depositing to Hexlink Service Vault
  2. 2.
    Users use service and submit proof of service
  3. 3.
    Service providers withdraw money with proof of service, and pay X% as commission fee per withdraw
  4. 4.
    Y% of commission fee will go to the service provider staking pool, the rest will go to the incentive pool