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Hexlink: Introducing the user-centric model

🔥 From application-centric to user-centric
To challenge the status quo and liberate the full potentials, we are starting a revolution with an on-chain framework where users have full control of their information across applications. Hexlink aims to utilize blockchain technology to reconnect the fragmented Web. We initiate this transformation by transitioning from application-centric to user-centric.
User-centric model is designed to enable users to customize their user experience in one application while maintaining a unified experience across all applications. Users own their decentralized identity in a unified account across applications, which could be linked to various existing identities. Users can customize their account settings which all applications should respect, including selecting service providers according to their preferences. All account settings should follow unified spec to minimize the integration cost.
User Centric Model

The potential of user-centric model

  1. 1.
    User: Better trust model and unified user experience
    It supports personalized experience per user in each application while maintaining unified experience across applications, where Users can synchronize account metadata across all applications and select their trusted service provider
  2. 2.
    Service Provider: flexible business model and direct user interaction
    Services will be able to onboard individual users(ToC), charging either per transaction or via subscription
  3. 3.
    Application: No vendor lockout risks and standardized service interface
    Applications could be vendor agnostic and have standardized service interface across providers to make it more attractive to user traffic

Example Case: Login

One example that can demonstrate the difference between application-centric and user-centric is the login experience.

Application-centric login experience

Applications work with service providers and pick services for users.
User -> Application -> Preference

User-centric login experience

Users choose their preferred service providers and applications will respect users' choices. Based on users' global account setting, users will be prompted with their preferred login experience and services.
User -> Preference -> Applications

Global Account Settings

Users should be able to manage and apply their account settings globally across all applications. We will explain how we build decentralized service network in following sessions.
The architecture of global account settings